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                         Date of Report - April 28, 2004

                              CH ENERGY GROUP, INC.
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Item 5       Other Events.
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             On April 27, 2004, the Board of Directors of CH Energy Group, Inc.
             elected  Steven V. Lant as its new  Chairman  of the  Board.  Mr.
             Lant,  who will also  continue as President  and Chief  Executive
             Officer of CH Energy Group,  Inc.,  joined  Central  Hudson Gas &
             Electric  Corporation  in 1980  as a  financial  analyst  and was
             elected to its Board of Directors in 2002.  The former  Executive
             Chairman of the Board,  Paul J. Ganci, will retire as an employee
             of CH Energy Group, Inc. on April 30, 2004. Mr. Ganci will remain
             on the firm's Board of Directors,  serving a term that expires in

     A copy of the press release is being filed with this report as Exhibit 99.


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                                            CH ENERGY GROUP, INC.

                                     By:           /s/  Donna S. Doyle
                                                     DONNA S. DOYLE
                                      Vice President - Accounting and Controller

Dated:    April 28, 2004

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     99          Press Release of CH Energy Group, Inc., issued April 27, 2004.*

* filed herewith

                                                                  April 27, 2004

For Release:      Immediately
Contact: Denise D. VanBuren, (845) 471-8323

            CH Energy Group Conducts Annual Meeting of Shareholders
         Paul J. Ganci Retires; Board Elects Steven V. Lant its Chairman

     (Poughkeepsie,  NY) CH Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE: CHG) is financially sound,
customer-focused,  led by a strong  management  team,  and prepared to take full
advantage of investment  opportunities  to grow  shareholder  value.  That's the
message Company leaders delivered to their  shareholders,  who gathered today to
conduct  their 76th Annual  Meeting of the  Poughkeepsie-based  energy firm that
serves more than 440,000 customers in nine states.

     Shareholders  re-elected three members to the Board:  Edward F.X. Gallagher
of Newburgh;  Steven V. Lant of Poughkeepsie;  and Jeffrey D. Tranen of New York

     Executive  Chairman  of the Board Paul J. Ganci,  who will retire  April 30
following  nearly  50  years  of  service,   noted  that  during  his  five-year
chairmanship - a time when the electric  industry  experienced  severe financial
stress - total return to his  Company's  shareholders  was 80 percent,  and that
service reliability, productivity, and customer satisfaction also increased.

     "We have met and, in most  instances,  exceeded the  commitments we made to
you,  our  shareholders,  and to our  customers.  We  have  created  substantial
financial resources to invest in the future. Our cultural  transformation from a
staid, regulated utility to an energetic, high-performance management team gives
me great  confidence in the future,"  Ganci said.  "We are well  positioned  and
prepared to engage any challenge and seize any opportunity."

     Ganci,  who joined the utility in 1956 as the recipient of its  Engineering
Scholarship,  will remain on the firm's Board of Directors,  serving a term that
expires  in 2006.  Following  the  meeting,  the Board  elected  Lant as its new
Chairman.  Lant, who will also continue as President and Chief Executive Officer
of CH Energy Group,  Inc.,  joined Central Hudson Gas & Electric  Corporation in
1980 as a financial analyst and was elected to its Board of Directors in 2002.

     Lant provided  shareholders with a comprehensive update on 2003 operational
issues for all business units, and then discussed the Company's plans to further
improve service,  sales and productivity.  He told shareholders that redeploying
the $100 million  resulting from the sale of the utility's  power plants as part
of deregulation remains the greatest challenge.

     "However,  we're  confident  that more  assets  may  become  available  for
purchase in 2004. In addition,  we see  opportunities  to invest in the electric
and natural gas  transmission  systems in our Central Hudson franchise area, and
fully expect that such  investments  will  benefit  customers  and  shareholders
alike," Lant said.

     "In summary,  we're pleased with both our progress and our position. We are
financially  strong and we serve  growing  markets.  We have  access to low-cost
capital and we have proven that we can act quickly to seize  opportunities,"  he
said, adding that, "We have a strong management team in place, and we're excited
about our 2004  initiatives  to increase  productivity  and make  investments in
order to grow earnings."

                                      # # #

About CH Energy Group

     With more than  440,000  customers,  CH Energy  Group,  Inc. is a family of
companies  seizing  new  opportunities  in the energy  marketplace  through  two
primary subsidiaries:  Central Hudson Gas & Electric is a regulated transmission
and  distribution  utility  serving  approximately  355,000  customers  in eight
counties of New York state's Mid-Hudson River Valley, and delivering natural gas
and electricity in a  2,600-square-mile  service territory that extends from the
suburbs of metropolitan  New York City north to the Capital  District at Albany.
Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation (CHEC) includes business units delivering
energy and related  services to nearly 85,000  customers in eight states and the
District of Columbia.  Its regional footprint  stretches from Connecticut to the
Washington, D.C. area.

Forward-Looking Statements

     Statements  included in this news  release,  including its Appendix and the
documents  incorporated  by reference  which are not  historical in nature,  are
intended to be, and are hereby identified as,  "forward-looking  statements" for
purposes of the safe harbor  provided by Section 21E of the Securities  Exchange
Act of 1934, as amended.  Forward-looking  statements may be identified by words
including   "anticipates,"   "believes,"   "projects,"  "intends,"  "estimates,"
"expects," "plans," "assumes," "seeks," and similar expressions. Forward-looking
statements including,  without limitation, those relating to Registrants' future
business prospects,  revenues,  proceeds, working capital, liquidity, income and
margins,  are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual
results  to  differ  materially  from  those  indicated  in the  forward-looking
statements,  due to several  important  factors  including those identified from
time to time in the forward-looking  statements.  Those factors include, but are
not limited to: weather;  energy supply and demand; fuel prices; interest rates;
potential future acquisitions;  developments in the legislative,  regulatory and
competitive  environment;  market risks; electric and gas industry restructuring
and cost  recovery;  the  ability to obtain  adequate  and timely  rate  relief;
changes  in  fuel  supply  or  costs;  the  success  of  strategies  to  satisfy
electricity  requirements  now that Central  Hudson's major electric  generation
assets have been sold; future market prices for energy,  capacity, and ancillary
services;  the outcome of pending litigation and certain environmental  matters,
particularly  the status of inactive  hazardous  waste  disposal sites and waste
site  remediation  requirements;  and certain  presently  unknown or  unforeseen
factors, including, but not limited to, acts of terrorism. Registrants undertake
no obligation to update publicly any  forward-looking  statements,  whether as a
result  of  new   information,   future   events  or   otherwise.   Given  these
uncertainties,  undue  reliance  should  not be  placed  on the  forward-looking