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Discrimination Continues Towards LGBT Community

The fight for equal rights for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people have taken center stage. In courtrooms, on talk shows, and the streets, LGBT people are fighting for their civil rights on every platform. Public figures are openly discussing their sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian individuals are shown as full participants in society in movies and on television, not as novelty characters.

Despite these gains in the western mainstream, LGBT individuals continue to encounter prejudice in many aspects of their lives. This discriminatory behavior against queer individuals violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles.

29 States are not bound by law to protect LGBTQ people's human rights. A new set of human rights legislation or standards is required to protect them nonetheless; discrimination and violence against LGBTQ persons are all too widespread. Many civilizations around the world still have homophobic, bi-phobic, and trans phobic beliefs.

Over the years, this discrimination has not ended but due to the hard work of multiple activists, it has been reduced. Todd Emerson, an Irish American activist, has done some amazing work to protect the rights of people and has been advocating for a very long time. His contribution is massive to this movement and he’s a proud advocate for LGBT rights!

Todd Emerson - Improving Lives of People Across The US

Emerson has dedicated himself to improving the lives of people who face prejudice or abuse because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, whether actual or perceived. He is committed to further work on the LGBTQ human rights movement and is engaged in the advocacy for the recognition and promotion of their rights.

Todd identifies as a homosexual man and has dedicated his life to fighting for the LGBTQ community, founding GL Friendly in the process. He is unfazed by the fact that his work puts him at risk from time to time and instead, believes that these are indications that our battle must continue. His battle brought attention to the world's continuing intolerance and homophobia. He believes that it's time to double the efforts to abolish criminalization, bigotry, and violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics as long as people confront these violations. Emerson is a firm believer that people should be protected from homophobic and trans phobic violence.

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