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Newegg Grows Industry Leadership with Over 50 Hours of Weekly Livestream Shopping

Audience continues to click “Play” to watch memorable hosts, lively conversations and exclusive deals

Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG) continues to expand its livestream shopping, now with a schedule of over 50 hours per week Monday through Friday. Produced by Newegg Media, the livestreams are unique for a U.S. technology retailer based on the number of streamed hours, the in-house production and popularity among Gen Z.

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Tomm Polos (left) and Ethan Woods talk to viewers during a brand-focused Newegg livestream. (credit: Newegg)

Tomm Polos (left) and Ethan Woods talk to viewers during a brand-focused Newegg livestream. (credit: Newegg)

During livestreams, viewers can ask questions via chat directly to the hosts about product features or about product recommendations to solve any tech issues they may have. Hosts are knowledgeable about the tech products and categories they’re featuring so they can easily respond to viewer comments and inquiries with details or by showing products on camera to highlight particular features in real time. This live interaction enhances the customer experience and removes some of the friction and doubt associated with the shopping journey of everchanging technology products.

The current livestream shopping schedule includes four two-hour segments running every weekday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time). In addition, Newegg offers livestreams on a separate channel each week featuring a virtual host. Each segment typically features different hosts, discussion topics and, at times, livestream-exclusive product deals. A livestream may include lively conversations by hosts about their favorite foods, movie characters or video games interspersed with their knowledgeable overviews of featured products during that particular segment.

Livestreams can be viewed on, the Newegg mobile app, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook. The live videos usually include stream-exclusive deals on featured products that expire when the video ends. For ease and convenience, Newegg offers viewers the ability to purchase directly through TikTok, YouTube or on Newegg. The products featured on livestreams include desktop PCs, laptops, PC components and lifestyle technology products like massage guns. Hosts entertain and educate viewers with witty banter and react to viewers’ live chat responses. With the expanded livestream schedule, viewers can watch live videos not only for a longer time period during each weekday but also pick viewing times that fit their schedules. Because of the increased streaming hours, Newegg Media now has an expansive roster of more than 30 recurring full-time and part-time hosts to handle the dedicated two-hour host sessions each day.

“Our livestreams are tailored to our customers. We host the videos to provide detailed product information and highlight the best uses for our products. We also want to simplify the shopping process by helping customers continue to watch livestreams while still being able to get to their checkout cart to shop deals,” Drew Roder, Director of Newegg Media said. “We’re able to get real-time feedback during our chat interactions which helps us better understand our customers and their tech challenges. The livestreams serve as a fun and interactive way to shop Newegg that extends beyond our e-commerce platform.”

While other retailers use third-party social media influencers as livestream shopping hosts to promote products, Newegg’s use of in-house hosts better connects them to product and category information within the company. Hosts are able to show more products’ features because they are easily accessible at Newegg.

Within the next month, Newegg also plans to launch a gaming-focused TikTok channel (@NeweggGaming) to offer a simultaneous livestream for gamers featuring products like gaming PCs, headsets, mice and gaming chairs.

Livestream shopping continues to grow in audience and conversions in the United States. According to Coresight Research, 32.7% of U.S. consumers have watched a shoppable livestream with almost half in the 25-34 age range. Also, 52% of livestream viewers have made a purchase during a livestream.

Additional future livestream plans for Newegg include adding more product categories, guest hosts and interviews with manufacturer partners. Brand takeovers also may take place with certain brands or products featured throughout a video.

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