What To Do If You Discover A Roof Leak

What To Do If You Discover A Roof LeakPhoto from Unsplash

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The roof is one of the most important components of a property, providing structural support that helps to keep the entire house together.

Without a good quality roof, homeowners would be exposed to the exterior elements and weather conditions. Other benefits of a roof include improved energy efficiency, enhanced curb appeal, boosted property value, better indoor air quality, and fewer pests.

In this blog post, we will highlight how you can take care of your roof in the event of a roof leak. It is essential that a leaking roof is quickly addressed, given the many dangers that it poses.

Here, we will look at the step-by-step process you should follow to secure timely and professional roof leak repair. We will also highlight the common causes of roof leaks and the dangers associated with them. Let’s get started.


Let’s start with a breakdown of the steps you should take when your roof has sprung a leak.


First things first, you should try to contain the leak as much as possible. Using towels, buckets, garbage cans, or anything else that is close to hand, try to capture the water before it has the chance to damage any of your belongings.

Water damage to your home’s floors is a real concern during a roof leak. This is especially true with certain flooring types, such as wood and carpet. Use containers to stop the leaking water from spilling onto your floor.

While also containing the water that is falling, take some time to move valuable items out of the way of the water or cover them. Try to move furniture and other belongings to safety. If you cannot move heavier or bulkier items, you may be able to protect them by covering them with plastic covers/sheets.


The most crucial step when you have a roof leak is to contact a reputable roofing company. They will be able to inspect the roof and the leak and determine the best course of action in terms of repairs.

We recommend that you work with a local roofing company. This is because they will be aware of building codes, necessary paperwork, and everything else so that the roof is either repaired or replaced correctly and in compliance with local requirements.

Throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, your premier choice is Construction Solutions.


This is another important step to remember to take when your roof has a leak. Documenting any damages will help when it comes to filing a home insurance claim (if the damage is eligible).

Photographic evidence of damaged items such as furniture, bedding, kitchen appliances, and tech equipment is essential. You should also show the severity of the roof damage. Regarding this last point, safety is paramount so never take unnecessary risks when attempting to document roof damage.


Routine inspections and maintenance will help to ensure that your roof, once repaired, avoids any future leaks or issues. It’s a reality that our roofs are exposed to harsh outdoor elements and take on wear and tear, so regular inspections are highly recommended. These will also help to extend the lifespan of the roof.

Some at-home maintenance you can do include:

  • Cutting back limbs and branches of overhanging trees
  • Regularly cleaning gutters and downspouts to avoid blockages
  • Checking for damage after storms
  • Checking for cracks in the chimney
  • Replacing any split or curled shingles

Depending on the age of your roof, you may also consider replacing a leaking roof entirely. While complete replacement is a bigger upfront investment than repair work, it may serve to be a more affordable option over the long term. This is especially true in the case of roofs that are nearing the end of their expected lifespan.


Roof leaks can occur for various reasons, including following a period of inclement weather and due to age and other factors. Here are some of the most common causes to be aware of:

  • Broken flashing
  • Broken shingles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Attic condensation
  • Improperly installed skylights
  • Cracked chimney

If you are concerned about any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofing company. Swift action can help to avoid a leaking roof and the problems that arise from it.


Outside of the aforementioned damage to property, roof leaks can be a fire and electrocution hazard. If water gets into your home’s electrical wiring, it can short circuit the wires and spark. If touched, these wires can cause electrocution.

Furthermore, a roof leak that isn’t quickly corrected can result in mold and mildew problems. This can cause health concerns for you and other occupants of the property, as well as damage to wood framing, ceiling tiles, and walls.

Mold and mildew can also negatively affect a property’s value and marketability. Other possible issues include higher energy bills and both attic and ceiling damage.


The above information will help you to quickly deal with a leaking roof and avoid suffering any serious structural or property damage.

If you are looking for professional roof leak repair, roof replacement, and roof installation services across the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, your No. 1 choice is Construction Solutions.

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