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Retractable Snow and Ice Boots, Gripforce, Announces Eagerly Anticipated Launch

The boot has expanding and retracting ice spikes built into the sole

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2016 / Bertil Sjosvard is thrilled to announce Gripforce, a stylish boot that quickly becomes a snow/ice boot at the flip of a switch.

To learn more about Gripforce, please visit:

Retractable Snow and Ice Boots, Gripforce, Announces Eagerly Anticipated Launch

Born of necessity, Gripforce is a Scandinavian design that mixes two essential pieces of gear for anyone that has to deal with winter conditions.

Regular boots are great for walking indoors, but the second they hit ice they turn into slippery death traps that are responsible for countless injuries. Ice boots are the same way but in opposite circumstances, sliding on asphalt and tile, and ruining hardwood floors with their metal cleats.

Sjosvard realized that the solution to both problems was easy; by simply making the metal cleats retractable he could have a boot that worked in all conditions.

Gripforce works by extending metal spikes with a switch that is located on the outside of the boot. The wearer just flips the switch 180 degrees and the spikes protrude on impact, griping into ice or snow. Then, when the wearer goes indoors or reaches dry ground, the switch is flipped back off and the spikes retract back into the boot.

Initially, the technology proved difficult for Sjosvard. Having metal spikes extend would require complex systems, so his solution was to change the give of the sole itself. When in "onmode," the sole is soft, so the embedded spikes can protrude on impact. When in "off mode," the sole is a bit harder, not allowing for total compression of the sole, and thus keeping the spikes embedded.

The design has proved extremely effective in both conditions, providing grip similar to crampons on ice, and providing a soft rubber grip on asphalt.

"Crafted from the uppermost premium materials, Gripforce doesn't compromise between functionality and style," says the website. "The design is Scandinavian, defined by simplicity, elegance and contemporary attention to detail. Only the highest grade sheepskin, cow skin, suede, and fur qualify into our production, enforcedly making Gripforce the best winter boot around."

At this time, Sjosvard has taken Gripforce to the pages of Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary to bring his creation to mass production. Funders are rewarded with various perks, up to and including their own pair of Gripforce boots.

About Gripforce:

Gripforce are winter boots that feature retractable metal spikes for ice and snow use. When the lever on the outside of the boot is turned on, metal cleats are allowed to protrude from the sole, and when in "off mode," they stay retracted. Gripforce is meant to replace the 2 types of boots commonly needed in winter conditions, and be the one boot anyone will ever need for their adventures on the snow and ice. To learn more, visit:


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