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Anna Gerlants Talks about Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent Anna Gerlants states that many people can benefit from having a good real estate agent. She says that when in search of a new home, there are few individuals who are as valuable as the real estate agent. According to Gerlants, there is so much at stake in the buyer and agent relationship that choosing an agent wisely is important to avoid disappointments in the end. Gerlants explains that many real estate purchases tend to sour instead of appreciating because buyers end up purchasing new property without a reliable expert’s advice.

Gerlants says that finding a dependable real estate agent is very important in helping people buy or sell homes. She also answers some common questions that she’s certain every buyer might have, like what the difference is between an agent, realtor, and a broker. Gerlants also addresses whether or not the differences between the three matter, how to find an agent who can be trusted, and what questions an investor should ask a potential agent. Other questions worth asking, says Gerlants, are how an investor can tell if he or she and the agent can be a good fit and how a person can check a real estate agent's work record.

“All three -- agent, realtor, and a broker -- have duties related to real estate. For example, they can assist in marketing and purchasing property and act as a negotiator between the buyer and the seller,” Anna Gerlants asserts. She also explains that a broker is required to have real estate education and manages agents. Brokers also work with a company or lawyers who do real estate transactions. On the other hand, agents or realtors just need to have credentials that make them preferable and appropriate for hire by property investors.

With the question of how to find an agent who can be trusted, Gerlants’s advice is to avoid getting friends or family. Though she admits that it can be helpful sometimes, it can also put a strain on relationships. Instead, she advises using a trusted service provider that does screening tests for agents’ levels of experience and licenses. In addition, Gerlants urges property buyers to search by asking neighbors, family, or friends if they know someone that’s worth recommending. She also says it is wise to ask for referrals of past clients.

“Even after you get recommendations, it’s still necessary to talk with those recommended agents and ask questions before deciding on one,” Gerlants advises. That leads to the question of how to interview potential agents. Here, Gerlants enumerates questions that should be answered by potential agents. She says people should ask agents about their professional experience, availability on a full-time basis, current commitment, frequency and methods of communication, and the like. These are some of the questions that should be discussed first.

Normally, those questions should be asked at the time of signing a written agreement, but these issues should be discussed earlier to avoid complications later on, in Gerlants’s opinion. In addition to that, Anna Gerlants urges buyers to make sure that the agent is right for them or they are a good fit with each other.

She further advises taking a look at agents’ portfolios to evaluate their professionalism and to ensure that they are on the same page about the quality of homes the investor is looking for. When a person asks the agent how he differs from his competitors, Gerlants advises to prefer those agents who are clear and well-reasoned in their responses. A good real estate agent is someone who can give true information and advice that a real estate buyer needs to make for the best property investment.

“It’s also important to verify an agent’s work record,” Gerlants asserts. The first thing to do is to check with the state licensing agency for any complaints or disciplinary actions for the agent. A real estate agent should be there to help property investors with real estate needs, so it is important to one who makes things easier for clients, not worse. Gerlants also advises real estate buyers who are seeking agents to understand their titles and credentials. She says that a real estate agent should have a license. They should also have additional credentials in professional designations, such as residential specialist, senior real estate specialist, accredited buyer’s representative, and so on.

“Finally, look at agents’ current listings,” Gerlants states. Accessing or examining their portfolio helps verify their working experience with the types of homes an investor is looking for. It is also a good opportunity to analyze and assess their professionalism and their communication abilities when interviewed later on. In addition, doing a quick background check is essential. According to Anna Gerlants, the best way to do this is to check with the state licensing agency to see the agent’s career history. She also strongly urges investors to interview agents’ past clients for opinions.


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