Mercans Nominated in Four Categories for Global Payroll Awards 2020

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New York City, Nov 19, 2020 ( - Mercans, the famous industry-disrupting HRO services provider, expert in global payroll outsourcing solutions and multi-country PEO GEO services, is very excited after being shortlisted for no less than four award categories at the Global Payroll Association Awards 2020.

One of the world's leading global payroll outsourcing company and international PEO and GEO services provider, Mercans celebrates the recognition at the international level of its unparalleled expertise in several categories, including best global payroll supplier, best payroll software supplier, best PEO services provider, and best global mobility services provider. This announcement comes just weeks after Mercans was included - for the second year in a row - in the international top 5 global payroll service providers' list as Major Contender in the Everest Group multi-country payroll (MCP) solutions PEAK Matrix assessment 2020. This report is based on Everest Group's annual RFI process for 2020, interactions with leading services providers, client reference checks, and market analysis.

The Global Payroll Association (GPA) is the only international organization gathering global payroll professionals from all the continents. Organized by the GPA, the Global Payroll Awards Ceremony is a yearly event designed to salute and reward technical excellence, professional development, and teamwork within the global payroll industry. The GPA Awards recognize the outstanding successes of businesses and individuals within the international payroll community. The event has been running since 2016 and sells out with more than 200 payroll professionals attending every year. With over sixteen categories, the Global Payroll Awards bring recognition among industry experts and showcase how participants drive the payroll industry forward, set new standards, and become an example for other payroll specialists. Ultimately, the GPA Awards highlight how global payroll service providers like Mercans can tackle the many challenges associated with international payroll, focusing on how innovation, compliance, and customer service are crucial to delivering best-in-class multi-country payroll experiences. They also showcase how MCP solutions vendors like Mercans have added significant capability to their software products and payroll & HRM SaaS solutions with dynamic and modern dashboards, advanced analytics, automation, and seamless global coverage.

In their fifth year, the prestigious GPA Awards present a unique platform to honor the achievements of the best multi-country payroll professionals and companies in the world. Marko Taylor, CEO of Mercans, said: "This is terrific news for everyone at Mercans. Being nominated in the four most important categories - best global payroll supplier, best payroll software supplier, best PEO services provider, and best global mobility services provider - of the highly reputable Global Payroll Awards acknowledges the hard work we are all doing daily at Mercans. I'm very proud of this official recognition by our peers, and I'm positive that every team member's commitment and loyalty were pivotal in this achievement. This is the latest distinction in an extremely successful year for Mercans, which was also included among the top Major Contenders in the Everest Group multi-country payroll (MCP) solutions PEAK Matrix assessment 2020 just a few weeks ago. Such a success would have been impossible without the never-ending contribution of all of our teams." The main factor explaining Mercans' success is an outstanding multi-country payroll services delivery model, complemented by a revolutionary global payroll and HRM SaaS suite, HR Blizz, to deliver genuinely global and user-centric payroll experiences worldwide.

Truly Global MCP Solutions
Mercans is the only vendor in the HRO industry proposing a single native multi-country payroll solution on a cloud-based platform that unifies all essential payroll functions' automation and centralizes all employees' information. Developed by Mercans in-house software engineers with highly-qualified payroll and HRM experts, HR Blizz is a SaaS suite that enables multinational companies to automate international payroll operations and manage global employment data in a few clicks. Therefore, it can streamline human capital management's full lifecycle across the world via one single application without third-party operators' intervention. Wherever they are, managers and employees have self-service access to payroll and employment data in real-time, on any device, in multiple languages and currencies, for an unparalleled user experience. The platform matches payroll requirements in 140+ countries, i.e., four times more than any other vendors' solutions. Over the years, the company has invested in highly-secured data management capabilities and built-in features for compliance so that users can be more productive and more profitable more quickly. One of Mercans' clients, a leading global oil company, has been exclusively using HR Blizz for several years in more than 40 countries without the need of hiring subcontractors or using additional HRISs. Mercans has a long-term multi-country approach and thinks 'international' from the start to establish tailor-made processes designed for global expansion. The projects Mercans teams handle are consolidated and unified from day one, ensuring that clients don't have to open physical offices abroad.

Unified Process, Easy Integration, Worldwide Compliance, and Global Support
Mercans payroll automation engine for HR Blizz is fueled by AI and ML, guaranteeing the accuracy and efficiency required for successful international growth. Employers process salaries, benefits, and taxes and manage team members' information on-the-go, in compliance with labor laws and employment regulations abroad. With frequent system upgrades, real-time legal updates, worldwide technical support, and a wide range of options that fulfill the most demanding global payroll and HR professionals' needs, HR Blizz has become a signature software product. It is praised worldwide for its scalability, its capacity to integrate with legacy systems, and its compatibility with HRMSs like SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, MS Dynamics, and more. It can be set up through a one-time global interface configuration, which allowed some of Mercans clients to integrate it almost overnight with their existing system covering all branches in dozens of countries. Thanks to teams physically present globally, Mercans is the only international payroll outsourcing supplier in the HRO ecosystem able to offer direct in-country support for all its customers' last-mile activities. Whereas aggregators utilize standard solutions that are not necessarily an exact fit for multinational clients' needs, Mercans, as the developer and owner of HR Blizz, proposes a custom-made SaaS solution prioritizing data protection, accuracy, reliability, and compliance.

Driving Higher Revenues and Boosting Business Growth
Mercans global payroll outsourcing solution is continuously monitored, assessed, and tested to anticipate or detect possible bugs or vulnerabilities. rom SOC 1 and 2 to ISO 20000 and 27001, the company's certifications cover all of its locations worldwide. It is unique in the industry. Besides, Marko Taylor, CEO of Mercans, recently announced a record of zero security breaches involving clients' data in 20 years. Mercans in-country teams of lawyers and compliance experts carefully monitor the evolution of labor laws and employment regulations in locations worldwide. They help incorporate them in the software promptly and ensure that the clients' processes are always up-to-date and comply with local laws and regulations. For example, they recently included the newly released COVID-19 related tax changes for all Mercans locations in less than 24 hours from their introduction, allowing clients to keep operating abroad. When it comes to deployment, HR Blizz is the most quickly scalable solution in the market. As proof, they recently replicated the system configuration for a digital marketing company across more than 20 countries in less than one hour. The bottom line is that Mercans solutions' real value is fully revealed when combined with its innovative business model and other global services like HCM advisory, multi-country PEO GEO, and talent acquisition management. One of its clients, an international public transport company in the Middle East, has been relying on Mercans' multi-service offer for several years but keeps using HR Blizz consistently as their only local HCM platform in 25 countries. For them, HR Blizz has been a game-changer.

Mercans has disrupted the industry by avoiding an 'aggregator approach' of international payroll processing and human resource outsourcing, which has proven non-scalable, inefficient, and does not provide for automation. With Mercans' fully configurable and customizable SaaS solution, the full global payroll processes are automated via a single centralized platform, harmonizing workflows and providing ubiquitous and real-time data access. Everyone in the organization - regardless of their location or the devices they use - can easily and securely access accurate payroll information without delays or layers of intermediaries and subcontractors. Mercans has significantly transformed all payroll processing, HRM, and employee management experiences by giving access to everything on a compact, intuitive, and user-friendly API. Mercans customers process more payslips more quickly; they manage more candidates for more productive recruitments. Their revenue steadily increases year-on-year with on-the-spot data tracking, automation assessment, employee information updates, real-time monitoring of payroll processes, and always up-to-date compliance.

In 2020, the Global Payroll Association has received a record number of submissions for the Awards, over-doubling the 2019 number of applications. The 2020 Global Payroll Awards Ceremony will be hosted virtually. Watch the live event online on GPA's website at 7:00 pm GMT (3:00 pm EST) on Thursday, 26 November 2020. The event is free for all to attend.

About Mercans - Simplifying Employment Tasks Worldwide

Mercans is an industry-disrupting HRO services provider, expert in global payroll outsourcing solutions, multi-country PEO & GEO services, talent management, and recruitment process outsourcing services (RPO). International HR specialists with a striking local presence, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients' consistent and sustainable growth without intermediaries or third-party operators while keeping employees happy and guaranteeing local tax and legal compliance worldwide. Supported by 500+ in-country payroll and HR consultants, we are a borderless people engagement enabler with in-depth local knowledge, empowering businesses - regardless of their size or industry - with timely, scalable results, bottom-line savings, and military-grade data security. Mercans' services and cloud-based platforms already satisfy 5,000+ clients across 140+ countries.

Success-oriented and striving for excellence within budget, we have earned major multinational companies' trust, helping them expand abroad quickly and efficiently at reduced operational costs. Our proprietary HRM SaaS products HR Blizz and Mesaar are self-service tools packed with built-in features. All data are integrated into single interfaces with customizable dashboards accessible on any device. They are compatible with standard HRMS like SuccessFactors, Workday, Oracle HCM, and MS Dynamics. In all our locations, our systems and processes are GDPR compliant, ISO 9001, 20000, 27001 certified, and SOC 1 and SOC 2 audited. A registered Finpro expert, we are also a member of the Global Payroll Association (GPA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI). Our clients are Accenture, Adidas, Airbus, ATKearney, Audi, Bayer, Bombardier, Electrolux, Ericsson, Exxon Mobil, EY, Johnson & Johnson, Kärcher, McLaren, Nokia, Tesla, Uber, and 3M, to name a few.

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About HR Blizz

HR Blizz is the Mercans self-service cloud-based proprietary SaaS suite automating global payroll processes and centralizing the management of international employees' data into a single secure interface accessible in real-time, on any device. Users can consolidate and process their international teams' payroll in just a few clicks to ensure fully-compliant, error-free, and timely salary payments in dozens of languages and currencies. HR Blizz helps to streamline processes quickly with integrated functionality while rationalizing operational budgets. Powered by Mercans, HR Blizz guarantees military-grade data security, accuracy, transparency, and control while minimizing human-related data processing risks.

Mercans adheres to the highest security and privacy standards, including GDPR, to keep sensitive information protected at all times. Besides, with inside-out knowledge of local markets and business protocols and expertise in labor laws and employment regulations compliance, the Mercans teams, consisting of more than 500 experts in 140+ countries, can assist users and their people 24/7 in any time zone. They provide technical support, additional human resources management outsourcing services, and global payroll advisory to enhance customer experience and boost employee satisfaction.

For more information, call 00 1 877 637 2267.

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