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IRA Investing Expert Tim Schmidt Doubles Down Investing in Gold for Retirement

The investor, entrepreneur and finance expert reveals crucial advice for retirement planning.

Florida, United States - July 21, 2023

IRA Investing expert Tim Schmidt has unveiled his guide to precious metal investment for retirement. 

Tim, an investor and entrepreneur with an eye for retirement-friendly investing options, has recently started to focus on precious metals investing. His understanding of effective investments for financial security has allowed him to pinpoint a way through the turmoil of modern markets, with precious metals serving as a reliable choice for people to secure their money. 

Why Precious Metals Investing? 

Precious metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are very different from the traditional and risky markets. They are an alternative investment option that are meant to be more stable and often carry less risk. They also tend to be immune to inflation – they are set, physical items that have an intrinsic level of value, so they cannot suddenly drop in value overnight before an investor can react. 

Tim said: “Precious metals investing can be seen as a less risky option for those who are looking to invest but are nervous about the traditional markets. Precious metals IRAs often survive recessions and other major financial issues, providing a solid investment that can integrate very well into an existing portfolio. 

“While precious metals are still going to have some value changes and other factors that may influence funds, they are not nearly as volatile as some stocks can be,” he added. 

Tim has experience with inflation and clearly understands how quickly it can wipe away the value of an investment. His diverse investment portfolio has become a tool for him to secure his finances against the changing markets, with precious metals investing being at the forefront of his alternative investment choices. 

Tim Schmidt is the founder of IRA investing (found at, who originally found himself taking up investing as a skill after losing his savings in the 2008 financial crisis. 

Committed to not putting all of his funds in a single place where another mistake could destroy his savings again, Tim instead started to diversify his retirement funds and investment options. 

A huge part of this involved moving towards precious metals – using an IRA or 401k to invest in gold and silver assets. This sudden change was a very effective one at keeping his savings secure and has made it a core part of how he (and many other professionals) invest month by month. 

Through, Schmidt offers real-life accounts, reviews, and breakdowns of all things investing. He offers more transparency than many other figures in the industry, making sure that all receipts and in-depth process breakdowns are readily available for users to look through at their own pace. 

Tim added: “My primary goal has been to promote more retirement investing options and to make people aware of the alternative investment options that they have access to. I have found that people feel a lot more comfortable with precious metals IRAs due to the less risky nature of them.” 

Investing in Precious Metals 

If you consider the number of businesses that offer precious metals IRAs, there are countless ways to invest in precious metals as part of a business portfolio. A handful of Tim’s various businesses and professional projects – including Cayman Financial Review, found at – are dedicated to breaking down these various investment options so that new investors know where to turn. 

While Tim Schmidt is only one voice amongst many in the world of retirement investing, his is a voice worth listening to. His first-hand experience with the dangers of inflation has made him a strong authority figure for finding pre-emptive protection and securing your finances in the event of a sudden inflation spike that could otherwise wipe your savings clean. 

For example, his suggestion to visit Goldco as a first-time precious metals investment option has likely helped hundreds, if not thousands, of investors. Even his most basic recommendations are meant to guide investors to diversify their portfolios, helping them to future-proof their retirement funds. 

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