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(b)  On July  27,  2005,  PAR  Technology  Corporation  issued  a press  release
     announcing  its results of operation for the  quarterly  period ending June
     30,  2005. A copy of the press  release is attached  hereto as Exhibit 99.1
     and is incorporated herein by reference.

(c)  On July 27, 2005, PAR Technology  Management held an Investor's  Conference
     Call.  Management  Remarks  are  attached  hereto  as  Exhibit  99.2 and is
     incorporated herein by reference.

99.1 Press Release dated July 27, 2005.

99.2 Management Remarks dated July 27, 2005.


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                                            PAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION

Date:  July 27, 2005

                                         /s/RONALD J. CASCIANO
                                         Ronald J. Casciano
                                         Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
                                         and Treasurer

                                  EXHIBIT INDEX

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   99.1                 Press Release dated July 27, 2005.

   99.2                 Management Remarks dated July 27, 2005.

Exhibit 99.1  Press Release dated July 27, 2005.

CONTACT:   Christopher R. Byrnes (315) 738-0600 ext. 226

                           PAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION


o Revenues Rise 19%, Highest Second Quarter Revenue in Company's History

o Net Income Grows more than 79%

o EPS Rises 71% to $0.24 versus $0.14 a year ago


New Hartford,  NY--July 27, 2005--PAR Technology  Corporation  (NYSE:PTC - News)
today announced record results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2005.

PAR reported second quarter  revenues of $51.2 million,  a 19% increase from the
$42.9 million reported in the same period a year ago. Net income of $2.4 million
was reported for the second quarter, compared with net income of $1.3 million in
the second quarter of 2004, a 79% increase.  Diluted earnings per share rose 71%
to $0.24 for the second quarter of 2005,  when compared to diluted  earnings per
share of $0.14 for the second quarter of last year.

For the six months  ended June 30, 2005,  PAR  Technology  Corporation  reported
revenues of $100 million,  a 24% increase  from the $80.8  million  reported one
year ago. The Company also reported $3.7 million in net income for the first six
months of 2005 versus $2 million  reported  for the first six months of 2004,  a
79% rise.  Diluted earnings per share rose 73% to $0.38 for the first six months
of 2005 compared to $0.22 reported for the first six months of 2004.

"Our  strong  results  reflect  continued  robust  demand  for  our  hospitality
technology  solutions as well as continuing  growth in our Government  business.
PAR remains  particularly well positioned to benefit from the growing demand for
innovative  technology  solutions  for the  hospitality  marketplace.  With this
momentum in place,  PAR is well positioned to continue  execution of our plan to
achieve  profitable  growth," said John W. Sammon, PAR Chairman and CEO. "We are
pleased to see our focus on client  success and our  investments  in  integrated
solutions  paying off. Our  commitment  makes a real  difference to our existing
clients,  who  continue  to roll out our  technology  solutions  across  several
business  segments,  and to our new  customers,  who see clear benefits in PAR's
hardware and software.

" Sammon concluded,  "It was a solid quarter in all respects.  I am proud of our
organization  as we  continue  to execute  well.  We have a strong  position  in
excellent and diversified markets and continue to increase our presence with the
major companies in these markets."

Certain Company information in this release or by its spokespersons from time to
time may contain  forward-looking  statements.  Any  statements in this document
that  do  not  describe   historical  facts  are   forward-looking   statements.
Forward-looking  statements  are made pursuant to the safe harbor  provisions of
the Private  Securities  Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  Investors are cautioned
that all forward-looking  statements involve risks and uncertainties,  including
without  limitation,  delays in new product  introduction,  risks in  technology
development  and  commercialization,  risks in  product  development  and market
acceptance  of and demand for the  Company's  products,  risks of  downturns  in
economic conditions generally, and in the quick service sector of the restaurant
market  specifically,  risks of  intellectual  property  rights  associated with
competition and competitive  pricing  pressures,  risks  associated with foreign
sales and high customer concentration, and other risks detailed in the Company's
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


PAR Technology Corporation develops,  markets and supports hardware and software
products that improve the ability of hospitality business  professionals to make
timely,  fact-based  business  decisions.  The  Company is the  world's  largest
supplier of Point-of-Sale  systems to the quick service  restaurant  market with
over 40,000 systems  installed in more than 100 countries.  In addition PAR is a
leader in providing computer based system design and engineering services to the
Department  of Defense and other federal  government  agencies.  PAR  Technology
Corporation's  stock is traded on the New York Stock  Exchange  under the symbol
PTC. For additional information visit PAR's website at


                           CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS
                       (in thousands except share amounts)

                                                   June 30,    December 31,
                                                     2005         2004   
Assets                                            ----------   ----------
Current assets:
     Cash  and cash equivalents ...............   $   3,045    $   8,696
     Accounts receivable-net ..................      36,759       32,702
     Inventories - net ........................      28,263       27,047
     Deferred income taxes ....................       8,740        6,634
     Other current assets .....................       2,726        2,617
                                                  ---------    ---------
         Total current assets .................      79,533       77,696
Property, plant and equipment - net ...........       8,051        8,123
Goodwill ......................................      15,379       15,379
Intangible assets-net .........................       8,752        9,235
Other assets ..................................       1,797        1,319
                                                  ---------    ---------
                                                  $ 113,512    $ 111,752
                                                  =========    =========
Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity
Current liabilities:
     Current portion of long-term debt ........   $      58    $      90
     Borrowings under lines of credit .........       1,900       10,246
     Accounts payable .........................      11,315        9,486
     Accrued salaries and benefits ............       7,982        8,072
     Accrued expenses .........................       3,535        2,998
     Customer deposits ........................       3,846        4,861
     Deferred service revenue .................      10,109        9,083
     Net liabilities of discontinued operation          219          323
                                                  ---------    ---------
         Total current liabilities ............      38,964       45,159
                                                  ---------    ---------
Long-term debt ................................       2,003        2,005
                                                  ---------    ---------
Deferred income taxes .........................         450          194
                                                  ---------    ---------
Other long-term liabilities ...................       1,350          820
                                                  ---------    ---------
Shareholders' Equity:
     Preferred stock, $.02 par value,
       1,000,000 shares authorized ............        --           --
     Common stock, $.02 par value,
       19,000,000 shares authorized;
       10,490,147 and 10,139,132 shares issued;
       9,286,471 and 8,935,456 outstanding ....         209          203
     Capital in excess of par value ...........      35,433       31,560
     Retained earnings ........................      41,667       38,010
     Accumulated other comprehensive loss .....        (546)        (181)
     Treasury stock, at cost, 1,203,676 shares       (6,018)      (6,018)
                                                  ---------    ---------
         Total shareholders' equity ...........      70,745       63,574
                                                  ---------    ---------
                                                  $ 113,512    $ 111,752
                                                  =========    =========

                     (in thousands except per share amounts)

                                            For the three months     For the six months
                                                ended June 30,         ended June 30,   
                                           ---------------------  ----------------------
                                              2005        2004       2005         2004 
                                           ---------  ----------  ---------   ----------
Net revenues:
     Product ...........................   $ 22,930    $ 19,466    $ 43,931    $ 35,705
     Service ...........................     14,416      10,570      27,818      20,877
     Contract ..........................     13,874      12,889      28,228      24,241
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
                                             51,220      42,925      99,977      80,823
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
Costs of sales:
     Product ...........................     13,893      13,231      26,769      24,268
     Service ...........................     10,923       9,084      21,370      18,029
     Contract ..........................     12,944      12,082      26,509      22,612
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
                                             37,760      34,397      74,648      64,909
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
           Gross margin ................     13,460       8,528      25,329      15,914
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
Operating expenses:
     Selling, general and administrative      7,323       5,245      14,716      10,261
     Research and development ..........      2,107       1,302       4,385       2,645
     Amortization of identifiable
       intangible assets ...............        244        --           490        --
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
                                              9,674       6,547      19,591      12,906
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------

Operating income .......................      3,786       1,981       5,738       3,008
Other income, net ......................         71         187         304         398
Interest expense .......................        (65)        (46)       (143)       (119)
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
Income before provision for income taxes      3,792       2,122       5,899       3,287
Provision for income taxes .............     (1,441)       (810)     (2,242)     (1,239)
                                           --------    --------    --------    --------
Net income .............................   $  2,351    $  1,312    $  3,657    $  2,048
                                           ========    ========    ========    ========

Earnings per share:
     Basic .............................   $    .26    $    .15    $    .40    $    .24
     Diluted ...........................   $    .24    $    .14    $    .38    $    .22

Exhibit 99.2  Management Remarks dated July 27, 2005.

                                Investor's Telcom

Good  morning.  Today I will be  presenting  the results for our second  quarter
ending June 30, 2005.

Second  quarter,  revenues  were $51.2  million,  a 19% increase from the $ 42.9
million  reported for the same period a year ago.  This  represents  the highest
second quarter revenue in our history.

Net Income for the  quarter was $2.4  million,  an increase of 79% over the $1.3
million reported last year.  Earnings per share for the period were 24 cents per
diluted share compared to 14 cents per diluted share reported last year.

For the six months  ended  June 30,  2005,  revenues  were $100  million,  a 24%
increase from the $80.8 million  reported one year ago  establishing a new first
half record.

Net income for the first six months of 2005 was $3.7  million an increase of 79%
over the $2  million  reported  for the first six months of 2004.  Earnings  per
share for the period  were 38 cents per diluted  share  compared to 22 cents per
diluted share reported last year.


Looking at the Quarterly revenue breakdown:


Product  Revenue  for the  quarter  was $22.9 M up 17.8%  compared to the second
quarter  of  2004.  This  increase  resulted  from  the  strong  demand  for our
hospitality products in the restaurant, hotel, resort and spa markets.


Service  revenue for the  quarter  was $14.4 M, up 36.4%  compared to Q2 of last
year.  This increase  resulted from a growing  installed  base in the restaurant
sector in addition to the hotel and spa service revenues.


Contract  revenue  was up 7.6%  to  $13.9 M for the  quarter.  This  growth  was
consistent with our internal plan yet lower than more  traditional  quarters due
to the timing of revenue  recognition  on certain  contracts.  Our first quarter
revenue was  exceptionally  high  resulting in a below  average  second  quarter

Now moving to margins.


Product  margins  for the  quarter  were 39.4% vs 32% last year.  This  increase
resulted from higher software content in our product mix.

We are particularly pleased with this margin increase since it demonstrates the
success of our strategic plan to improve margins through software sales.


Service margins were 24.2% vs 14.1% a year ago. This  significant  increase also
reflects the growth of the software content in our hospitality business.


Contract margins,  or in our case, pre-tax profits,  were 6.7 % compared to 6.3%
last year.  This is somewhat  higher than our traditional 5 to 6% pre-tax profit
range and resulted from favorable contract modifications.


Now turning to expenses.

SG&A  expenses  for the quarter were $7.3 M vs $5.2 M last year.  This  increase
primarily reflects the acquisition of Springer-Miller.

R&D expenses were $2.1 M vs. $1.3 M last year  reflecting  the  acquisition  of
Springer-Miller as well as increased investment in new product development.

Breaking out year to date performance:

     o    Total revenue was $100 M up 23.7% o Product Revenue was $43.9 M up 23%
          o Service revenue was $27.8 M up 33.2% and

     o    Contract Revenue was $28.2 M up 16.4%

     o    Product margins were 39.1% and increase of 7.1 percentage points

     o    Service margins were 23.2% and increase of 9.6 percentage points and o
          Contract  margins  were 6.1%,  a slight  decrease of  six-tenths  of a
          percentage point.

     o    Overall margins improved a full 5.6 percentage points

     o    Operating expenses were $19.6 M and increase of 48%

     o    Net income was $3.7M and increase of 79% o diluted  earnings per share
          was 38 cents an increase of 73%

Turning to some  balance  sheet  highlights:  Our  financial  condition  remains

     o    Our  receivables   collection   cycle  remains  very  good.  Our  days
          outstanding for our  Hospitality  business are 64.5 days and our Govt.
          business is 54 days.

     o    Inventory  turns  continue  to improve to 4.72 turns  compared  to 4.3
          turns at the end of the year.

     o    We have  reduced our short term debt to $1.9 M at 6/30/05  compared to
          10.2 M at 12/31/04.

     o    Cashflow from operations was $3.2 M for the first half of 2005.


In summary we are very pleased with our record second quarter performance.  Both
our government and our  hospitality  businesses  exceeded our internal plans and
made this achievement possible.

We are  especially  delighted  with margin  improvements  in both  products  and
services   reflecting  a  substantial   increase  of  software  content  in  our
hospitality  business.  While  much of this  derives  from  the  Springer-Miller
acquisition;  we are also  experiencing  an increase in our restaurant  software

With a 19% revenue growth and  substantial  gross margin  improvements,  we were
able to grow  earning  per share by 71% to 24 cents per share,  slightly  higher
than street forecasts of 21 cents.

The results for this quarter are a reflection of the following facts:

     1.   The  Hospitality  market is very  healthy  with both  restaurants  and
          resorts investing in expansion and up grades

     2.   We have created and sustained long term relations with our Hospitality
          customers which has allowed us to gain market share, not as the result
          of lower  pricing but rather,  delivering  value which has resulted in
          excellent  customer  relations.  This I consider to be a strategically
          important  accomplishment  as we  serve  some  of  the  largest,  most
          demanding companies in the Hospitality sector. Through these long term
          relationships,  our customers  have  benefited  from the value we have
          provided;  however, we have also benefited from these relationships by
          building a valuable  infrastructure  which credibly creates,  delivers
          and supports  complex IT solutions  for large global  accounts.  It is
          this  asset  which we are now  leveraging  to expand  our  hospitality

     3.   We are pleased  with the  accretive  results from our  acquisition  of
          Springer-Miller. This is the first example of our intended strategy of
          leveraging our considerable  infrastructure  to extend our Hospitality
          business  through  strategic   partnering  with  exemplarily  software

     4.   Our investments to increase  software content is beginning to pay off.
          This can be seen in this  quarter's  improvement  in both  margins and

     5.   We are pleased to report a 62% increase in  international  hospitality
          product  revenue this quarter as we have been striving to increase our
          international  sales.  Particularly  gratifying  is the fact that this
          growth  resulted from several new  customers  such as Loterria a large
          Korean corporate owner of many restaurant & cafeteria outlets, Herfy's
          a burger  chain in Saudi  Arabia,  Subway in Latin  America and Gloria
          Jeans an international coffee chain with operations widely distributed
          around the world.

     6.   Our  government  business  continues to perform quite well with a 7.6%
          revenue  growth  this  quarter.   This  marks  the  146th  consecutive
          profitable  quarter for our government  business and with a backlog of
          $110 M, we are assured of continuing a strong government business.

     7.   In  addition  to  the  government   revenue  growth  in  the  both  IT
          Outsourcing and applied technology,  we also benefited this quarter by
          the restoral of DOT funding to our Logistics Management program. While
          we expect continuation of government funding, we are also beginning to
          develop an embryonic  commercial  business.  To date we have installed
          over 1200 hundred  CargoMate  systems on chassis and Mobile  Generator
          Sets.  While  we  are  a  long  way  from  establishing  a  successful
          commercial  business,  we are  never-the-less  gratified by this small
          first  step.  Our  strategy  for this  area is to  continue  to pursue
          government sponsored container security programs as a means to our end
          goal of establishing an information based commercial business.

On another note, it was gratifying to have been listed in two national  business
magazine's noting our most recent financial performance.  We were listed # 34 on
the Fortune Small Business  Fastest  Growing  Companies and # 15 on Business 2.0
magazine's list of the fastest growing public technology companies.

We are off to a strong start to 2005 as represented by our YTD performance.  For
the  year we had  forecasted  revenue  growth  in the  range  of 15 to 20%  with
accelerated  earnings.  Based on results to date, we feel that revenue will grow
at the upper end of the range with corresponding acceleration in earnings.

I would now like to open the session to take your questions.