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Item 8.01. Other Events.

     On  August 8, 2005,  PAR  Technology  Corporation  issued  a press  release
announcing a Letter of Intent to acquire PixelPoint Technologies, Inc.

99.1 Press Release dated August 8, 2005.  


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                                            PAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION

Date:  August 8, 2005                       By:  /s/ Ronald J. Casciano         
                                                 Ronald J. Casciano
                                                 Vice President, Chief Financial
                                                 Officer and Treasurer


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  99.1                    Press Release dated August 8, 2005.

Exhibit 99.1 Press Release dated August 8, 2005.

CONTACT:   Christopher R. Byrnes (315) 738-0600 ext. 226
           cbyrnes@partech.com,  www.partech.com




New Hartford,  NY--August 8,  2005--PAR  Technology  Corporation  (NYSE:PTC),  a
leading provider of integrated technology solutions to the hospitality industry,
today  announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire  PixelPoint(R)
Technologies, Inc. a privately held hospitality technology company.

The financial  terms of the acquisition  were not disclosed.  The closing of the
transaction  is subject to customary  closing  conditions and is expected in the
third quarter of 2005.

Based in suburban Toronto, Canada,  PixelPoint operates with a commitment to the
development of state-of-the-art  hospitality management software.  PixelPoint is
an  innovative  leader,  developing  and  marketing  POS,  WebPOS,  Wireless and
Enterprise  software  suites  for the  table  service  restaurant  industry.  It
currently  ships  software in multiple  languages  and to virtually  every major
economic center worldwide.

PixelPoint  is a premier  supplier to the  hospitality  industry with over 5,000
installations  in  full-service  restaurants  around  the  globe.   PixelPoint's
software  products  are  reliable,  flexible and easy to use.  Their  integrated
software solution includes HeadOffice(R) enterprise management,  PocketPOS(TM) a
wireless  application that is seamless to their connected  capability and allows
remote  order  taking  in  the  dining  room,  Web-to-Go(TM),  on-line  ordering
capability for customers via the internet,  and  MemberShare(TM) an in-store and
enterprise level Loyalty and Gift Card information sharing application.

Under the terms of the agreement,  PixelPoint  Technologies  will continue to be
managed by its senior  management  team and will be backed up by PAR's products,
worldwide infrastructure and resources.

"This  acquisition is a great match for PAR Technology.  Over the past 18 months
we have been focused on expanding our reach into new hospitality markets for PAR
with  new   product   offerings   that  allow  us  to  leverage   our   existing
infrastructure,"  said John W. Sammon, PAR's Chairman and CEO. "PixelPoint has a
great  reputation  as an  innovator  to go along with a strong and loyal  client
base. This acquisition  gives us access to hospitality  markets and geographical
areas PAR has not yet  penetrated,  and also  provides an  opportunity  to offer
PixelPoint  clients  additional  PAR  products  and support  services  that will
supplement  the  PixelPoint  product  lines.  We look forward to  continuing  to
support  PixelPoint  customers  through PAR's service  network and to facilitate
PixelPoint's  growth through  resources now available to them as a result of the

Sammon  concluded,  "This  latest  move is part of our  global  business  growth
strategy.  The combination of PAR and PixelPoint is an ideal synergistic pairing
that will combine the technological and personnel strengths of both companies."

Lino D'Angicco,  Co-Founder and CEO of PixelPoint commented,  "We are pleased to
become part of a very  successful  organization,  and even more so to be able to
offer our PixelPoint  customers the benefits of PAR's  integrated  solutions and
services,  their  industry  experience  and  financial  strength.  This proposed
acquisition will certainly  enable a much faster  deployment of our products and
services across the globe. We have experienced  significant growth over the past
few years and being part of the PAR  family  will  propel our growth  faster and
more efficiently.  The hospitality  technology  industry is at an exciting stage
with interest in advanced products and services. We are clearly at the forefront
of this technology."

Certain Company information in this release or by its spokespersons from time to
time may contain  forward-looking  statements.  Any  statements in this document
that  do  not  describe   historical  facts  are   forward-looking   statements.
Forward-looking  statements  are made pursuant to the safe harbor  provisions of
the Private  Securities  Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  Investors are cautioned
that all forward-looking  statements involve risks and uncertainties,  including
without  limitation,  delays in new product  introduction,  risks in  technology
development  and  commercialization,  risks in  product  development  and market
acceptance  of and demand for the  Company's  products,  risks of  downturns  in
economic conditions generally, and in the quick service sector of the restaurant
market  specifically,  risks of  intellectual  property  rights  associated with
competition and competitive  pricing  pressures,  risks  associated with foreign
sales and high customer concentration, and other risks detailed in the Company's
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


PAR Technology  Corporation is a leading  provider of professional  services and
enterprise business intelligence technology solutions. PAR develops, markets and
supports  hardware and software products that improve the ability of hospitality
business  professionals  to make  timely,  fact-based  business  decisions.  The
Company is the world's largest  supplier of  Point-of-Sale  systems to the quick
service  restaurant  market with over 40,000 systems  installed in more than 100
countries.  PAR is also a leader in providing  computer  based system design and
engineering  services to the Department of Defense and other Federal  Government
Agencies.  PAR  Technology  Corporation's  stock is traded on the New York Stock
Exchange  under the symbol PTC. More  information  can be found on the Company's
website at WWW.PARTECH.COM.