Enova Systems

June 28, 2002

Securities & Exchange Commission
450 fifth Street, NW
Washington, D.C.  20549

         Re:      Enova Systems, Inc.
                  Registration Statement on Form S-1
                  Filed on February 19, 2002
                  File No. 333-83030

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Enova Systems,  Inc. hereby  requests a withdrawal of its Form S-1  Registration
Statement (SEC File No.  333-83030).  File No.  333-88030 was replaced by a more
recent  Form  S-1  Registration   Statement  which  recently  became  effective.
Accordingly,  we request  that the February  19, 2002 filing be  withdrawn.  The
Staff may contact the  undersigned  at  310-527-2800  with any  questions it may

Yours very truly,

/s/ Larry Lombard

Larry Lombard

cc:  Carl Perry, Enova Systems, Inc.
      Donald C. Reinke, Esq.
      Kay F. Rubin, Esq.

                     19850 South Magellan Torrance, CA 90502
               Telephone: (310) 527-2800; Facsimile (310) 527-7888