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Kim Magdalein – Magdalein Financial,Interviewed on Podcast Discussing How Social Security Planners of America Helps Advisors Mitigate Taxes in Retirement for their clients

Kim Magdalein discusses unique tax mitigating strategies for advisors to offer their clients.

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Social Security Planners of America assists advisors in retirement tax mitigation for their clients by offering innovative strategies and tools. One effective approach is integrating Social Security into discussions about taxation, enabling clients to understand how to minimize taxes when taking income and resulting in significant savings. This not only benefits clients financially but also allows advisors to shift their focus from investment performance to tax savings.

The software provided by Social Security Planners of America is another valuable tool for advisors in mitigating taxes for their clients. The software calculates various factors, such as retirement age, Social Security benefits, and other sources of income like rental income or investments. It then provides a comprehensive analysis of the client’s after-tax disposable cash flow. This empowers advisors to make informed decisions and create strategies that maximize tax savings for their clients.

In addition to providing tools and software, Social Security Planners of America also offers seminars to advisors. These seminars serve the purpose of attracting attention and ultimately securing appointments with clients. The goal is to educate advisors on innovative strategies and approaches to tax mitigation in retirement. By attending these seminars, advisors can learn how to effectively guide their clients through the complexities of taxation in retirement and create personalized plans that minimize tax burdens.

During the episode, Mike Saunders and Kim Magdalein emphasize the importance of advisors identifying unique tax-saving strategies to attract clients. They highlight that offering common or generic tax strategies is insufficient to stand out in the market. Kim suggests that advisors should be proactive in the tax planning process rather than attempting to fix issues retroactively. By guiding clients toward proactive tax planning, advisors can differentiate themselves and provide added value.

Kim Magdalein also acknowledges that the complexity of the tax code and the abundance of choices can make it challenging for advisors to effectively communicate tax strategies. However, they propose a solution by recommending that advisors start by obtaining their clients’ 1040 forms and gaining a thorough understanding of their financial situation. This enables advisors to identify unique opportunities for tax savings and clearly articulate the benefits to their clients.

Kim said: “We’re talking about taxation and how it affects social security benefits or pension plans. It is easy to do, not complicated. All we’re doing is taking some data from a tax form. We’re not creating an entire tax return. It’s much simpler than that. Transferring a few line items to our proprietary software computes everything for the advisor.”


About Kim Magdalein

Kim Magdalein entered the insurance industry in 1985. Opening a private practice in 2001, Kim marketed to retirees by means of seminars. He presented to over 800 audiences in the next seven years, producing $150,000,000 in annuity premiums. Kim left his practice to his two sons in 2008, continuing with a seminar marketing company, that he still owns producing over 17,000 seminars across the nation for financial advisors.

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