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D1 Henderson Owner Taylor Koki Shares Her Journey to Success on Vegas Business Spotlight Podcast

The latest episode of the Vegas Business Spotlight podcast brings an inspiring story of entrepreneurship and success to its listeners. In this episode, host Tim Knifton sits down with Taylor Koki, the owner of D1 Henderson, to discuss her remarkable journey and the incredible work she is doing in the Las Vegas community.

Taylor Koki, the owner of D1 Henderson, shares her experiences, insights, and wisdom gained on her journey to success. D1 Henderson is an athletic training facility for individuals of all ages and specializes in helping people reach their goals. As the first D1 facility in Las Vegas, Taylor’s vision is to help athletes in Henderson reach Division One schools while also focusing on the health and well-being of their parents.

In the podcast episode, Taylor reflects on the challenges she faced when she first started out, opening her facility during the mask mandate amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. She acknowledges the lessons she learned and the importance of finding the right team to work with. “The hardest part, I think, was finding good people to work here. Not that we didn’t, but it was just hard to find because a lot of people were not working at that time,” Taylor shares. “For me, the number one thing is, of course, safety and knowledge, but I have to make sure they show up.”

Being based in the Las Vegas Valley has influenced Taylor’s business strategies and decisions. She chose Henderson specifically because of its strong family values and stability. “You have a lot of people who’ve been working the same jobs for 10, 20, sometimes 30 years. They send their kids to the same school that they went to,” Taylor explains. “So there’s a lot of stability, character, and values here, which are important to D1.”

D1 Henderson is known for its unique equipment and training programs that help athletes prepare for Division One teams. Taylor explains that their facility is designed to cater to athletes of all ages, with workouts starting on the turf and progressing to strength training and cardio equipment. Additionally, D1 Henderson offers functional fitness programs for adults to improve overall health and conditioning.

When asked about advice for someone starting out in the fitness industry, Taylor emphasizes the importance of putting others first and being open to feedback. “If you’re trying to be a coach, for example, then you have to put other people first. You have to know that you’re a member of a team, and you have to be able to take feedback,” she advises.

Taylor also shares her insights on networking in the Las Vegas community. She highlights the effectiveness of joining business networking organizations like BNI (Business Network International) and the importance of building relationships with like-minded individuals in the industry.

Looking towards the future, Taylor envisions D1 Henderson becoming a leading facility in helping athletes reach their goals and parents prioritize their health. She plans to expand her reach by collaborating with homeschooling groups and hosting events to bring together athletes from different sports.

To learn more about D1 Henderson and their remarkable journey, visit their website at

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