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Eliminate Free Quotes and Increase Profitability – Barry Randall Shares His Proven System on the SmallBiz Virtual Summit Podcast

The latest episode of the SmallBiz Virtual Summit features a must-listen conversation with business strategist Barry Randall, who shares his revolutionary approach to helping service-based businesses eliminate free quotes and increase profitability.

“For many businesses, it’s important to create a segue that allows your customer base or the audiences that you’re looking to engage in a way that aligns your business or your services and products with the expectations for customers,” said host Ken Massa. “Today’s guest has a unique way that leverages a little bit of a different strategy but increases efficiency and profitability without having to give away free estimates or free quotes in the process.”

In the episode, Randall details his extensive research and development process that led him to discover a better way for businesses to qualify leads and price their services.

“I started out as a landscape gardener a number of years ago and, you know, like everybody else in trades related businesses, serving home service businesses, before long I found myself kind of treading water and not really getting too much for the effort that I was putting in,” Randall explained. “I realized that nothing kills a good story like data,” was a quote that I heard. So I figured out what is the thing that I dislike doing most as a business owner that also takes up most of my time. I realized that the thing that I really didn’t enjoy doing was quoting or estimating or providing bids. Specifically, I didn’t like providing free quotes or free estimates, free bids.”

Randall conducted extensive surveys to uncover the inefficiencies and pain points in the traditional free quote model.

“94.4% of those people said that they did free quotes. And only the 5.6% of people that said they didn’t do free quotes was enough for me to have proof that I could change the way that we all did this in business,” he said. “I found that only 7% of people were prepared to follow up a third time. So for me, with competitors, I just felt that I had 93% more chance of getting a job if I followed up three times, or more to the point if I followed up once more than everybody else.”

Randall developed a 7-step “Conveyor Belt Method” that eliminates free quotes in favor of paid consultations and surveys, allowing businesses to qualify leads more effectively and anchor pricing throughout the sales process.

“Objection handling is done throughout the process, not at the end, but all of the rejection is done at the end if you don’t follow this simple process,” he said. “And to make that work, you have to fill this funnel at the top.”

Randall shared several case studies of clients who have implemented his system, including a TV personality in the UK who increased his design fees from £300-500 to £3,000-6,000, and a pond installation company owner who went from selling his house to pay a tax bill to buying a Ferrari after implementing Randall’s strategies.

“These are the books that I’ve built out of this, like an overview of the system in two different parts. First one is just attracting better customers. And this builds an advertising sub base and a sub base is something that you’d put down under a patio,” Randall said. “It eliminates time waste and attracts serious customers.”

Listeners can receive free copies of Randall’s books by tuning into the full episode of the SmallBiz Virtual Summit podcast.

“Barry’s insight and the research and development process that he has implemented into all of this is so unique and it’s so valuable to every single business,” said co-host Chuck Boyce. “It really doesn’t matter if it’s a home service business or if it’s a retail business. I think every business needs this type of insight and value to understand the process of converting more leads, but at the end of the day, being more efficient in their sales process.”

To listen to the full episode and claim your free books from Barry Randall, visit

About Barry Randall

Barry is an Amazon best-selling author of 4 self-help business books for landscapers and small trades businesses. He’s had every role in a small business from an apprentice to skilled technician, project manager, and now a business operator. He owns 2 multi 7 figure landscape design and build businesses, a 7-figure electrical contracting business, and a 6-figure mentoring and mastermind business. When small business owners have complicated problems to solve, they call Barry to show them how to simplify it and get it done.

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