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What Factors Affect Kentucky Car Insurance Rates?

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The car insurance rates in Kentucky depend on several factors, due to which one will find it somewhat expensive. If one is living in Kentucky and want to know about car insurance rates, then make sure to know some of the essential things. These may include rates according to city, driving record, age, and other related aspects.

Kentucky Car Insurance – Average Cost

The average Kentucky car insurance cost varies in several aspects. The rate for minimum insurance is $748, and full coverage is $2128 per annum.

These rates are more than the national cost of insurance for a car on an average basis, that is, $565 for minimum and $1674 for full coverage. The price can be high sometimes and can save depending on the different aspects.

Kentucky Car Insurance Rates by Different Factors

The insurance cost in KY would vary by company, city, age, and driving records. Most people are not aware that the price of car insurance can be less as per their city or age, or driving records. One can learn about these different insurance rates as mentioned below.


The car insurance cost is greatly affected by different carriers. One will find that the rates in Kentucky would vary and get expensive as they move from one company to another. This is why one should compare car insurance quotes from several companies.

- The insurance company Allstate charges $1036 for minimum coverage and $3515 for full coverage per annum.

- Grange would charge $833 for minimum coverage and $2702 for full coverage per year.

- Motorists charge $443 for minimum coverage and $1914 for full coverage yearly.

- The insurance company MetLife would charge $1842 for minimum coverage and $1754 per annum.


The insurance rates also depend upon the city in which one is living. There are several cities in Kentucky that show different insurance costs as per the economic factors of the city.

- The average premium for full coverage in Louisville is $2274 per annum, with an increase of 7% annually.

- The premium cost for full coverage insurance in London is $2337 for the year with a percentage increase of 10% annually.

- In Ashland, the insurance rate for full coverage is $1805 per annum, with a percentage increase of -15%.


One’s age and gender play a significant role in determining the car insurance rates in Kentucky. If one is a young driver, they may get several discounts on the overall insurance cost.

- $3593 would be charged for the age of 16 years annually.

- $2852 would be charged in Kentucky for an age of 25 years per year.

- $2356 would be charged for an age of 40 years per annum.

Driving Records

Having good or bad driving records can affect insurance rates to a great extent. By having a bad record, one can raise their overall insurance premiums with a significant rise.

For example, in case of a speeding ticket, one may have to pay around $2596 with a percentage increase of 22%. In case of an accident, they may have to pay $3106, and for DUI, the cost would be $4098 with a percentage increase of 46% and 93%, respectively. All these prices would be for full coverage insurance per year.

Reasons Car Insurance Rates Are Expensive In Kentucky

The car insurance rates in Kentucky are expensive, the main reason that it has higher traffic than average traffic fatalities. As per research, it is found that in Kentucky, there are 1.36 deaths per 100 million miles. It determines the insurance rates along with other factors.

The insurance cost is rising steadily not only in Kentucky but nationwide. Due to this, insurance companies start charging higher premiums. However, there are still many aspects affecting the overall insurance costs.

Auto repairs

The cost of repairing vehicles is increasing due to advanced features. If one has an advanced car model, they would have to pay more premium for its insurance. As per research, it is found that the cost of repairs is 8% more than in the year 2018 as it was in 2014.

People are driving more

The accidents and claims are also increasing in Kentucky, due to which the premium is also high. According to some research, it is found that there were 612 fatal crashes in the year 2014, which increased to 709 in the year 2020.

People drive uninsured

Due to the increased car insurance costs, many drivers drive without insurance. In Kentucky, around 14% of the drivers were found uninsured in the year 2019. Due to the high risk involved in it, the premium rates have also increased.

Healthcare is getting more expensive

The insurance companies found that healthcare was getting expensive, so they increased the premium charges. The medical bill to be paid at the time of claim is not cheaper, so they boosted the car insurance rates.

Claims history

The recent claims you made can also affect the Kentucky car insurance rates. So always pay attention to different things while filing any claim, as this helps determine your future premium costs.

Ways to Save On Kentucky Car Insurance Rates

If one finds the car insurance rates expensive in Kentucky, they can find different ways to save on the insurance cost.

Sara Routhier, Senior Director of Content at, suggests that opting for all the following ways can make their overall insurance cost more affordable:

- Comparing different quotes can help to a great extent in lowering insurance premiums.

- If one combines their standard policy with any other insurance policy, they can save a lot from this. Thus the bundling of policy can provide them with plenty of discounts.

- One can get several discounts as per their age or other profile features.

- By increasing the deductible, one can lower the insurance premium. The deductible is the amount one pays out of their pocket at the time of claim. The policies having low deductibles would lead to high insurance premiums.

Final Words

The car insurance rates in Kentucky can be expensive or affordable, depending on different aspects. How much one has to pay for the insurance premium would depend on their city, age, and other profile factors. Make sure one finds different ways of saving on the overall insurance costs.

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