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Natural Antibiotics Gain Spotlight in the Fight Against Infections

Blaine, WA ( Tuesday Dec 19, 2023 @ 7:00 AM Eastern —

As powerful and essential tools to fight off infections, antibiotics save lives. Unfortunately, their overuse has harmful side effects, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria and compromised immune function. Trinn Hatch, CEO and Founder of Jampha Tibetan Wellness, has seen more people turn to natural remedies to help fight infections.

Hatch says, “People are concerned about the overuse of pharmaceutical antibiotics and searching for viable natural alternatives. Prolonged infections are dangerous, so it’s important they have effective options.”

What is behind the trend toward natural antibiotics? The human body relies on trillions of beneficial bacteria to stay healthy. As pharmaceutical antibiotics eliminate harmful bacteria, they also kill off good bacteria. A healthy person who takes one round of antibiotics can require up to six months or more for their microbiome to rebalance.

Overusing pharmaceutical antibiotics kills the good bacteria essential for immune health, digestion, and other functions. People who regularly use antibiotics can end up with a compromised immune system and more dependent on them for survival. Overuse also results in bacterial strains that are resistant to antibiotics and dangerous to the public.

Many individuals have turned to plants with proven antibiotic properties as an alternative. Garlic, oregano oil, honey, echinacea, and turmeric are just a few examples of natural antibiotics gaining popularity. Many were used for centuries in traditional medicine, and modern science supports their efficacy.

However, swallowing some garlic cloves may not be enough to fight an active infection. Several factors impact the potency of plant-based remedies, including the quality of the plants, cultivation practices, the combination of herbs, and proper formulation techniques.

Hatch explains, “At Jampha, our mission is to provide natural medicine of the highest possible quality and potency. Our natural antibiotic tinctures are formulated by a Tibetan Medicine Physician with over 50 years of experience and advanced with modern research. Many of the herbs in our products are grown in the pristine soil of high mountain monasteries and foraged in the wild by Tibetan monks.”

The shift towards natural antibiotics is about more than just avoiding the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals. It's about embracing a holistic approach to health. People are becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of their bodies and the environment. By choosing natural remedies, they protect their health and support sustainable practices.

Jampha Tibetan Wellness is at the forefront of this movement. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and traditional knowledge, combined with modern scientific understanding, sets them apart. As more people seek natural solutions, Jampha is poised to lead the way in providing effective, natural alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Hatch continues, "We believe in the power of nature to heal. Our products support the body's natural defenses while preserving the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria. We're seeing remarkable results in our customers, and it's encouraging to see a growing interest in natural alternatives."

Jampha’s three antibiotic and immune-boosting Tibetan Infusions are Turquoise Dragon, Blue Lotus Peacock, and Ly Fu Mo. With companies like Jampha Tibetan Wellness offering high-quality, plant-based alternatives, there is hope for a future where infections can be effectively managed without compromising our health or the environment.

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