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What is Cloud Cannabis Planting? Everything you need to know about MEMA

2023 will be an exciting year for the cannabis industry. With cannabis legalization in Thailand, strong industry growth will follow correspondingly. Not only in Thailand, the judiciary, public health, and the global economy around the world will all feel the tremendous benefits brought by this magical plant. Currently, through MEMA’s Cloud Cannabis Planting, you can earn more profits. Are you ready for the upcoming cannabis industry?

Cannabis Business Daily estimates that annual world sales of cannabis for medical use and entertainment are as high as $18.9 billion. Last year, legal global sales increased by 80 percent. In the next two years, the global cannabis market will reach $43 billion in annual sales. There are unlimited business opportunities. Since June 9, 2022, as the Thai government promotes the legalization of cannabis to help Thai farmers grow the emerging cash crop, the cannabis market has continued to innovate and develop, and the cannabis economy has also turned from consumption of imports to trades of exports and moved towards the international market. The Thai cannabis market has achieved unprecedented openness and a high level.

Driven by the background of the legalization of cannabis cultivation, MEMA will be the first pioneer in Cloud Cannabis Planting technology and the sales field echoing the policy. Thailand is the most suitable country for cannabis cultivation. We control the planting, manufacturing, extraction, and packaging. We are involved in every aspect of the seed-to-sale process. MEMA has world-class agronomists, manufacturing experts, and the most advanced agricultural equipment, which guarantees our commitment to product quality, purity, and consistency.

As a company reforming cannabis cultivation, we independently developed our Cloud Cannabis Planting SAAS platform “MEMA” with a complete package of perfect sales & supply chains, intelligent cultivation brain, cultivation management, logistics services, and supply chain finance to meet the government’s cannabis policy and quickly drive the cannabis economic market. We reform the traditional offline high-cost cultivation method through the MEMA Cloud Cannabis Planting system, to help Thai citizens improve the cannabis cultivation processes, from traditional offline planting to online cloud planting, using our technological innovation. This method saved the costs and time of individuals and allowed more ordinary people to earn more profits from cannabis cultivation. It provides Thai citizens with an environment to generate income while having fun. Everyone can simply and effectively operate Cloud Cannabis Planting to earn anytime, anywhere through mobile phones.

MEMA has now achieved a complete business cycle system that is mutually beneficial to all three parties. To promote the domestic demand of the world’s cannabis market, MEMA continues to expand its user base, bringing more revenue to all MEMA users and also bringing favorable promotion policies to the cannabis economy. MEMA is leading all Thai citizens to improve the cannabis economy. Come to become a part of the MEMA members to create wealth together!


On December 21, MEMA’s first offline cannabis showroom in Thailand was officially opened in Phuket. From the phone application to the cannabis cultivation farm, and to the opening of the first cannabis store. MEMA has realized its “3-to-1” proposition providing complete online and offline services, and also expanded business space. MEMA makes every effort to create its store scale, brand services, and store business agent model, to provide every user with a better experience and trust.

On the day of opening, all visitors will be provided with MEMA’s premium dried cannabis flowers, cannabis beverages, cannabis snacks, and exclusive members-only gifts in bulk. All MEMA VIP users will be able to taste buds, getting the sensory stimulation of this amazing plant for free. Edible cannabis has been a trend since cannabis legalization and it usually lasts longer than just smoking cannabis. According to the current trend, the sales of legal edible cannabis are expected to exceed $6 billion by 2023.

From now on, all members of the MEMA Cloud Cannabis Planting development team can apply to operate a MEMA store for free. MEMA will assist with the location, decoration, and staff recruitment. We will plan various forms of opening activities for you based on the situation of the store business district to attract customers in the fastest way. We will also provide different marketing programs every month. MEMA will fully support advertising design and media campaigns for each store. We will let you develop your Cannabis Cloud Cultivation team through MEMA stores in a better way.

In the future, MEMA will open offline cannabis showrooms in every province of Thailand, supported by an innovative store marketing model. We have implemented nationwide chain management for each store, to link the brand, the image, the service, and the management. Each department of the company serves MEMA stores under standardized business processes. MEMA stores keep the service guarantees of formality, safety, and standardization, striving to create added value for the MEMA brand.

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