Modern Permanent Makeup Solutions: Not Grandma’s Lash Eyeliner Tattoo

Permanent makeup options aren't exactly new. They've been around since the early 1900s. It's not surprising. Women have been accentuating their features since nearly the beginning of time, think Cleopatra. So, searching for an option that provides a permanent approach rather than the time-consuming process of applying makeup every morning is an easy decision. But in its preliminary stages, permanent makeup was less than subtle. Thankfully it's come a long way since those beginning stages. Take the new and improved take on Lash Eyeliner, for instance.

Lash eyeliner is a type of tattoo performed by a professional with training specifically in permanent makeup tattooing. This tattooing practice has come a long way since it became so popular in the 1930s. However, technological advances and technique improvements mean this has become a genuinely viable option for a lasting makeup look that's timely.

The pigment used in the modern lash liner isn't the same as the ink pigments used in modern or traditional tattooing. For example, most tattoo inks create a super-defined hardline because they create outlines and art on the skin. Instead, the lash liner is a softer pigment. It also doesn't penetrate the epidermis as deeply as a traditional tattoo.

There are different types of lash eyeliner tattoo styles to choose from as well. Tightline eyeliner ads the tattoo color between the layers of the eyelashes to specifically darken the lash line. This can dramatically increase how full eyelashes look and softly defining the shape of the eye. Modern lash liner is softer and much more natural-looking than its predecessors.

"Women want a soft subtle appearance that seems natural but still enhances what they already have going on. The tight lash line offers just that it's delicate, and the aestheticians love pairing it with eyelash extensions." Said a spokesperson.

There is the above-the-lash line option for those who want a bit more drama out of their makeup. Those who wear cat eye makeup or a bolder eyeliner, in general, will be happier with this option.

Though this type of tattooed eyeliner is called permanent makeup, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Because it is tattooed so close to the skin's surface, it will break down quicker than other tattoos usually. These tattoos last about a year before needing to be touched up. If they aren't touched up, the body will eventually break the ink up, and it will essentially disappear.

"Even though it's not quite permanent, it saves so much time and makes people comfortable going out without having to spend an hour putting their makeup on in the morning." The spokesperson added.

About O.P. Studio

O.P. is an aesthetic treatment clinic that specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, including eyelash line tattooing, lash extensions, eyebrow tinting, and more. They have highly trained technicians who are constantly seeking more education and training in techniques and methodology. In addition, they strive to provide a boost in self-confidence for every one of their patrons.

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