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Everything one needs to know about bamboo cosmetic packaging

Bamboo has been used as a raw material for over 5,000 years, and has been used in a wide range of industries such as food production, building, musical instruments, and textiles for it’s a kind of sustainable raw material reducing carbon emissions. Bamboo has made it into almost every corner of our lives, so it’s no surprise that bamboo cosmetic packaging has recently become a hot commodity in the beauty and natural cosmetics industries.Read on to discover what exactly is bamboo packaging, different types of bamboo packaging for beauty products, why it’s expensive, and what to bear in mind when choosing bamboo packaging.Bamboo lip balmPLASTIC BOTTLE WITH BAMBOO COLLAR SPRAYERPUMP AND BAMBOO COVER(1)1. What Is Bamboo Packaging?

Contrary to what many people think, bamboo packaging is any size of material made from the bamboo plant, which is a type of grass and not a tree. There are more than 1,000 different species of bamboo in various regions of the world but mainly Asia. Bamboo can grow so quickly that its wider use has led to its cultural significance and economic importance in Asian countries. No pesticides, irrigation, or replanting is required for the growth of bamboo, so it has higher sustainability.

2. How Is Bamboo Packaging Made?

Different ways are available to transform material bamboo into sustainable packaging solutions, and it is slightly difficult to make it but relatively simple if with the right equipment. Let’s take a look at the different ways of making different types of bamboo products below.● Disposable productsBamboo plants are processed into a pulp and 70% of the water inside the material is removed. Then the pulp is dried under the sun, which further saves electricity. The end product is finally made into different shapes for one-time-use.● Sturdy productsThe mature bamboo plant is ground into fine powder and the powder is molded into different shapes to make durable and reusable products used for cosmetic packaging. And these products are fixed with small amounts of plastic to create durable packaging.

3. Types Of Bamboo Cosmetics Packaging

There are so many creative ways to use bamboo, and one of the best ways it can replace toxic things is though packaging. The following different types of bamboo cosmetic packaging are as explained below.● Bamboo packaging for liquid itemsBeauty products (such as primer, face wash, body wash, shampoos, conditioners, face mask, serums, and moisturizers) filled with water should be packaged in bamboo products that need airtight protection from oxygen and moisture in the air. A wide range of bamboo packaging can be used for this kind of product such as cream jars with bamboo lids, spray bottles, disc-cap bamboo jars, bamboo airless bottles, and lotion bottles.● Bamboo packaging for dry itemsPowders and solid items like blushes, compact powder, contour palettes, exfoliant, body wash, face wash, and antioxidant have a long shelf life because there’s no water in them. If these things are to packed in bamboo, you should find ways to prevent water degradation and instability. The ideal bamboo packaging products for dry cosmetic items are jars.

4. Benefits Of Bamboo Packaging

The growing popularity of using bamboo as packaging material in the cosmetics industry is mainly attributed to the benefits it provides consumers, not to mention the fact that it’s also eco-friendly and sustainable. Let’s find out the benefits of bamboo cosmetic bottles for beauty products.● Environmentally friendlyAs an abundant renewable resource, bamboo grows rapidly and promotes healthier soil and requires no replanting once it’s been harvested. Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than the same volume of trees.● Durability and strengthBamboo is able to withstand a great deal of stress, and its mechanical properties are up to 3 times better than timber. Bamboo has greater tensile strength than steel.● Locally sourcedBamboo packaging can be sourced locally because bamboo can be found growing in different parts of the world.● Appealing to the massesNowadays, a good number of customers prefer to use products that don’t harm the environment. So you can appeal to more masses if you advertise that your cosmetics are packaged in eco-friendly packaging such as bamboo.

5. What Are Other Uses of Bamboo?

Bamboo is being used in a wide variety of industries and products across the world. Typical uses of bamboo include: fabric and textiles (clothing and rugs); construction industry (houses, bridges, buildings, schools); accessories (jewelry, shoes, purses); furniture (couches, dressers, tables); personal care products (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, bamboo cosmetic bottles, toilet paper, natural cosmetic products).

6. Why Is Bamboo Packaging Expensive?

Though it’s eco-friendly, one of the biggest disadvantages of bamboo packaging is its cost. Plastic is just oil and gas byproducts, but bamboo requires cultivation. Bamboo breaks down easily, and plastic doesn’t, so plastic bottles can stay for a long time. Moreover, most of bamboo plants grow in Asia and tropical areas, so transportation charges can weigh down the benefits of using bamboo packaging unless you find a good supplier at good rates.

7. Things To Remember When Choosing Bamboo Packaging

Packaging products need to be picked carefully to avoid any adverse effects, and you should bear the following things in mind before buying bamboo cosmetic packaging. Size: You need to first filter bamboo packaging by dimensions of your product. If you need custom sizes, ask your supplier if that’s an option too. Type: Know what type of bamboo packaging you want. Many packaging options are available for cosmetics, such as spray bottles, lotion bottles, and airless bottles. White-labeling: You should figure out whether the seller offers white-labeling options, so as to make sure the bamboo packaging can be customized with your business name and logo. Qualifications of the supplier: You need to learn the necessary qualifications of the bamboo packaging supplier, so that you can get bamboo cosmetic packaging with stable quality.

8. Where To Buy Wholesale Bamboo Packaging?

If you’re trying to find reliable bamboo packaging products wholesalers and manufacturers, you need to learn the following platforms first, and then choose the best supplier according to your needs.Go Googling: Your first option is to search on the best search engine with the keywords ‘bamboo cosmetics packaging manufacturer/wholesaler’. The more you refine the keywords, the better results you’ll find. Uzone Group: We are one of the international bamboo packaging manufacturers for cosmetic products so you don’t have to hunt for products under this category. With our rich experience in serving numerous clients, we can meet your needs without any problems.Alibaba: World’s best wholesalers are on and you can find wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the world on this platform.


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