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Master Lee Xu, Metaphysicians in Journey to World Fame

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With more than 1000 families aided by Master Lee Xu's client's honest funds, he pledged to bring metaphysics to the world.

Lee Xu is a person that loves martial arts. But the truth is, metaphysics had never come as his passion or career. At the age of seven, he began exploring the world of martial arts. The truth is, his grandmother was engaged in metaphysics, but his interest is not there at that particular time.

Inspired by Lama, he began to be curious about metaphysics and decided to look for the mystery of metaphysics. As time goes by, he traveled to different parts of the world and began his search for a teacher. He finally found a mentor he truly deserved because his Master is a true believer in altruism, environmental protection, and philanthropy.

Metaphysics is defined as a division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality. The true purpose of Feng Shui is to avoid the ominous, rather than to defend against the ominous, but many people misunderstand this concept entirely. During consultations, people use "Feng Shui products" to shield themselves from the ominous. This is a misleading practice that can easily lead them into the trap of superstitions.

He said "My master always said to me that when it comes to metaphysics, you cannot think of profit as the main priority."

In the journey in metaphysics, Master Lee Xu learned about the knowledge intensively. Master Lee Xu's mission is to pass on the wisdom of Feng shui and numerology to the public. He does not advocate superstition or intimidation but helps clients achieve the results they want from a scientific point of view and combines thousands of years of Chinese wisdom. Not only that, but he also went to the West to study energetics and to combine the wisdom of the East and the West to find a better and the key to the treasure of life.

He added, "My 17 years of experience have led to another breakthrough in metaphysics. The combination of analytical knowledge and metaphysics skill has led to help the enterprise to achieve more complete predictions for the upcoming task. It is strictly based on my experience alongside teachings from various metaphysics gurus. Surprisingly, it had helped enterprises clarify their objectives."

As he pledged that money is not the concern in the journey, he had undergone a campaign during the MCO period. master. Lee Xu has long led his clients to give back to the community in a variety of charitable activities. To his relief, during MCO's Period, he started working on an emergency project (Poverty Alleviation Service Charity with Love). In just six months, they have helped more than a thousand families with donations of RM109,500 from their client base.

He expressed, "My goal is to be the best corporate strategist in Malaysia. Not a huge industry, but if keep on giving good value to clients, I believe metaphysics will be a good platform for corporate businesses." Truly a huge dream from the Master of Metaphysics, Lee Xu.

As for Lee Xu's mission and vision, he hopes to carry forward real metaphysics principles to the community. Moreover, he empowers entrepreneurs to do charity and environmental causes. From his life perspective, life is not limited to money and status, but it must be balanced with healthier and harmonious life. With these, a better life will be fulfilled.

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